removable document labels
Show customers where to sign, initial, supply information & more when you stick these attention getting labels on your forms & documents.

Indicate number of packs ordered ($4.99) per pack). Each pack of document labels has 200 removable 3/8" x 3/4" labels.

Label Qty Label Qty Label Qty Label Qty Label Qty

Please Sign Sign Name, Print Name SIGN By Each INITIAL EACH PAGE

SIGN On Hi-litet Line/s
Complete & Sign Forms FILL _ IN CLOCK-IN & RETURN
SIGN HERE SIGN HERE Date-Stamp & Return      

removable page flags
Flag pages that need to be signed or notarized when you stick these eye-catching Page Flags on your forms & documents. Page Flags extend out from the side or bottom edge of page.

Indicate the number of packs ordered ($1.99 per pack). Each pack of Page Flags has 50 removable 2" x 3" flags.

Signature Page  Qty.

Notarize           Qty.

Document Labels© Qty. x $4.99 
Page Flags© Qty. x $1.99 
Shipping & Handling 
Free shipping on all orders of $25.00 or more.


Payment Terms: No need to pay now. We invoice with shipment.
All labels and page flags come in reclosable plastic packs. 

© Doculabels, Inc. (all products)

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